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  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    30' long ramp with diamond plate.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    A mini-dolly that consists of a steel dolly with two swivel and two rigid side mounted hard rubber casters, and a foot operated floor lock
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Meet The S-APAC Finance Team




Meet The S-APAC Finance Team

Starting from our former shanghai facility Feng Xian operations, I joined Southworth Shanghai at the end of 2006 and  was promoted as Director, Finance in the year 2017. I appreciate the opportunity to grow my career and more importantly witness the exciting transformation of our China operations towards a world-class entity.    

   Meet The S-APAC Finance Team             

My name is Zhao Lixia and I am married with one son. His name is Nicky. Originally from Shandong ,  shanghai has been my adopted hometown for more than 15 years now.

Over the years , S-APAC (Southworth Asia Pacific) Finance team has grown in overall capability to support our business operation. We now have a full range of capabilities to support business needs in the region:-

oAccounts Receivables

oAccounts Payables

oBudget & Capex Management

oIIT & Enterprise Income Tax 

oInternal Controls & Trade Compliance

oProduct Costing & Sales Quotation Support

oCost Control & Profitability Analysis 

oCash Flow Management

SAPAC’s finance department  team’s Vision & Mission is to “Be A Business Partner  To Our Internal Customers By Delivering  Excellence in Finance Support  & Overall Capabilities To Help Grow Our Presence in China/Asia”.

Providing such support is my seven(7)member Finance team located in both Shanghai Commercial Office and Wuxi Factory. Shanghai serves as our Operational HQ in the region and we have a highly experienced finance team.

Shanghai provides mostly financial/cash flow management, tax declaration, pricing support, internal control, reporting and annual budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

Wuxi finance staff primarily provides factory operations support such as  manufacturing  costing and analysis, inventory management , variable Margin & gross Margin analysis etc.

The S-APAC finance team reports into our CFO John Morton and are matrix to regional management for business support. Through this arrangement, we have the dual benefit of functional guidance and support as we strive to achieve finance department excellence in China. As an example, we had the opportunity to travel to Angelholm, Sweden and Falmouth, Maine to network and learn new tools and best practices . 

Locally, we remain close to business and are able to establish local policies and procedures for long term sustainable growth and development and meeting corporate governance.     

Over here, allow me to introduce my team members :-   

Meet The S-APAC Finance Team

Yang Yuan is from Guangdong Province . She has a lovely daughter and a handsome young man too. As our Finance Manager, she  manages transactional finance support in our company. She does a great job and has good interpersonal skills and rapport with everyone in the company. She has been with us for 5 years. She has been instrumental in developing detailed policies and  procedures and helps train all new hires to ensure overall compliance .

Sun Hui joined us 8 years ago and is responsible for cash/bank receivables , payments operations and  tax invoices for customers. Sun Hui is Shanghai local people, married with a daughter. Her daughter is studying in a medical college. She loves travelling. Currently she is working on an important project to automate our expense reimbursement system “Certify” to better serve our internal customers and raise overall productivity for everyone.

   Meet The S-APAC Finance Team

Wu Xiaofeng has been with us for three years and is responsible for Pricing & Expense Analysis. She loves calligraphy and has a jovial personality. In her leisure she likes to read and practice Chinese calligraphy.

She provides invaluable support to our business team through her in-depth experience with product knowledge & costing.

Zhou Jianchun joined us in 2017 and has been with us for three years. She is our  GL accountant of Shanghai and Wuxi and is responsible for tax declarations. With more than ten years of GL and Tax Reporting /Regulatory Compliance she is an invaluable member of our team. In her free time, Ms. Zhou likes to sing and go to cinema.


Meet The S-APAC Finance Team

Lastly, over in Wuxi operations , we have :-

Shi Huajun joined Marco Ningbo operations finance department in 2017. He is our Finance Supervisor based in Wuxi operations and brings with him a rich experience in factory accounting. From Hubei, he  is married with a son. In his leisure he likes to travel and do exercise.

From Wuxi City, Molly Cao joined in 2019 as our factory cost accountant. She brings along with her 14 year of Industry experience and is a great addition to our team. Molly is married with a daughter and a son too.  For leisure Molly likes travelling and reading.

Our goal is to strive for functional excellence in our finance team and help our business teams deliver business objectives . Achieving excellence as a performance standard requires stretch and we are focusing on bettering ourselves continuously .

In closing , right now the world is facing unprecedented challenges and it has impacted our global operations. Finance team will continue to put in the best of our efforts to keep our business going and get out this together as one team and one company.

All the best to our company, all our global colleagues and families. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.  

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