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Worker Platforms / Elevating Worker Platform Lifts
Stackers - Manual Pallet Stackers / Powered Pallet Stackers
Parcel Unloaders
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    30' long ramp with diamond plate.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    Encloses sides and ends of both scissor legs and the full width of the back side of the platform. Black and yellow 3' vinyl pleats.
  • 发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 20
    A mini-dolly that consists of a steel dolly with two swivel and two rigid side mounted hard rubber casters, and a foot operated floor lock
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Why Work At Southworth
Southworth provides a challenging work environment complemented by a family friendly, fun atmosphere. Southworth employees appreciate that their contribution to the company’s success will be rewarded with generous benefits, ample time off, and competitive pay. A strong wellness and employee development program accompanied by activities such as cookouts, corporate outings, and onsite activities make Southworth a great place to work!
We continually strive to ensure that the wage and benefits program attracts the extraordinary people we seek. The employees of Southworth are the main drivers of our success for over a century.
As partners in our pursuit of excellence, Southworth offers an attractive wage and benefit program.
  • Choice of two Health and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dental Plan – 100% Employer paid
  • Vision Plan
  • Life, Short Term and Long-Term Disability Programs
  • Health and Wellness Program
  • Flexible Spending Program for Health and Dependent Care
  • 401k Plan with Employer Match
  • Generous Paid Time Off for Vacation, Holiday, and Sick Time
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Employee Training and Development Program
Corporate Culture
Southworth offers a culture where employees can contribute to the success of the company while excelling individually in their careers. The environment at Southworth enforces appreciation of everyone’s professional input while offering a relaxed and fun atmosphere, celebrated with cookouts, games, gatherings, and volunteer opportunities.
A community garden is part of our wellness program.
Southworth volunteers work at a company sponsored public walking trail.
The Outing Club prepares for a hike with some rock wall training.
Arkansas employees are recognized with an Above and Beyond award.
Employees answer the question: What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?
  • Work Access Lifts come in all shapes and sizes to improve worker safety and increase productivity in a wide variety of manufacturing and assembly jobs.With pressure to increase output from an aging workforce, work access lifts have become much more than just ergonomic aids: they are essential productivity drivers across the large assembly industry.
  • In unprecedented times, everyone business is being challenged – resulting in government mandated shutdowns, employees absenteeism , materials shortages , logistics issues etc
  • Speaking of lifting tables,What's your impression?
  • Recently, the application of PalletPal 360 in beverage DC distribution center benefits customers a lot. The operation process of the distribution center is very typical, and the efficiency has been greatly improved since the use of our lifting platform. Therefore, we summarize the specific operation of the center and share it with you.
  • In-line with SAPAC (Southworth- Asia Pacific) 5 Years’ Stratplan (Strategic Plan) to double our regions’ sales revenue through delivering “Cost Competitive & World Class Quality Products”, the new supply chain team was established officially on August 8th 2018.
  • The largest and influential logistics equipment exhibition in Asia - Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition 2019 ended in Shanghai New International Expo Center
  • In-line with our Go To Market Expansion Plan, we successful signed up our 2nd batch of 18 New Distributors for Southworth China on December 6th 2019. Starting off from our 1st open house/ road show where we signed up 16 New Distributors on July 15th 2019, we now have a total of 34 New Distributors to Promote our products across Mainland China.
  • 3,000 workers die in production every day around the world, 2 deaths per minute, 1.1 million people die at work around the world every year. Worldwide, nearly 250 million workers are harmed in the production process each year, 160 million workers suffer from occupational diseases
  • Each link in logistics transportation is complementary to each other, and its rationalization and systematization are effective ways to improve logistics efficiency and save cost.
  • Southworth is the world's leading supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables. We have the broadest product line, largest inventory of stock models, the most flexible range of modifications and most experienced designers.
  • July 26, 2019Starting 9:00 AMSouthworth Wuxi Plant#30, Building S, Wanquan Road Plainvim Industry ParkXishan, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
  • Southworth offers the industry's most complete line of pallet levelers, pallet lifting equipment and pallet handling products. The flagship is the PalletPal Spring Level Loader, the product that revolutionized manual pallet loading and unloading in North America.
  • Booth No: G5-3October 23 - 26, 2019Starting 9:00 AMShanghai New International Expo CentreNo.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai,
  • Southworth High Lift achieve a multi - stage arm plate combination design. The perfect combination of boom is the hydraulic lifting platform which has reached the standard of industrial grade at present.
  • LiftMat™ low profile lift tables from Southworth Products have a lowered height of just 3¼ inches, substantially lower than conventional lift tables. With a focus on ergonomics, these lift tables increase productivity and improve worker safety in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Manual, repetitive pick-and-place responsibilities present challenges when it comes to finding solutions that work for all shapes and sizes, weights and dimensions—both for workers and the products.
  • If your warehouse or DC is picking orders like this...then you have problems!
  • Industrial ergonomic equipment should always make sure to bring the product a worker is trying to handle or move to a neutral ergonomic position
  • Taking the pain out of the picking process with cost-effective material handling solutions.Think about all the different types of beverages available today. Of course, diet and caffeine-free sodas have been on the market for years. But now consumers can find zero-calorie drinks made with stevia, drinks made with coconut water, more exotic flavors, and different size options. A single serving size can range from 7.5-ounce soda cans to 20-ounce water and sports drink bottles.The food and beverage sector is just one example of an industry expanding its offerings to meet a diverse range of customer demands. This phenomenon, often referred to as SKU proliferation, has a significant impact on material handling operations. Pallets with different product mixes can wreak havoc on stocking and picki...
  • Starting from our former shanghai facility Feng Xian operations, I joined Southworth Shanghai at the end of 2006 and  was promoted as Director, Finance in the year 2017
  • Excitement was in the air in China on July 18th 2019 when we hosted James Cabot – Southworth Corporate New Chief Executive Officer & Executive Leadership , Steve Albert- SVP Sales – SAMS  and Martin Pambor VP Sales S-EMEA in Shanghai.
  • Southworth celebrations on officially inaugurate of New Wuxi Factory reported by Ifeng net.
  • After months of planning, coordination and hard work, project Southworth Asia Pacific (S-APAC) was finally completed and we held celebrations to officially inaugurate both New Shanghai Office and New Wuxi Factory on March 27th / March 28th respectively.
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